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Drop in wedding at Skansen 2016

Postad den: June 13th, 2016 by kicki fotograf

This beautiful event takes place at Skansen every year the 2:d week in June. This year 465 couples joined each other in holy matrimony a new record at Tingsvallen.

Me and my team arrived early in the morning when the preperations where in full effect so we got in the mood at once.

This day is one of my absolut favorit days of the year so many beautiful loving couples like a gigantic party you wish would never end.

If you didn’t have the privilege attending this special day I here give you a glimpse of it and a bonus film._DSC3095_kicki_fotograf_skansen_brollop_drop_in_summer_stockholm_wedding_photographer_nikon_tingsvallen_ _DSC3741_kicki_fotograf_skansen_brollop_drop_in_summer_stockholm_wedding_photographer_nikon_tingsvallen_ _DSC4898_kicki_fotograf_skansen_brollop_drop_in_summer_stockholm_wedding_photographer_nikon_tingsvallen_ _DSC4079_kicki_fotograf_skansen_brollop_drop_in_summer_stockholm_wedding_photographer_nikon_tingsvallen_

Drop in wedding 2016 Skansen Tingsvallen

Drop in wedding 2016 Skansen Tingsvallen

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