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Bröllopsfotograf Kicki Sverige! Johan& Verena, Rånäs slott

Postad den: March 29th, 2011 by kicki fotograf

Johan&Verena London had a beautiful summer wedding in Sweden.
Rimbo church, Rånäs palace.

Kicki featured, Americas Bride, spring issue.

Weddingphotographer! Eternal moment´s!

Postad den: March 24th, 2011 by kicki fotograf

Anna & Mike, Krägga herrgård.
We run away from the dinner, just for a second, I want a moment alone whith them by the see.

Photographer Stockholm! Corporate!

Postad den: March 23rd, 2011 by kicki fotograf

Buraeu : Why Buddha ?
Client : Upsales Nordic AB
Setting : Arlanda Skycity, special permission.
Shooting Iphone, Ipad and Imac in enviroment.

Wedding photographer kicki, Countryside wedding in Sweden!

Postad den: March 16th, 2011 by kicki fotograf

To be feautered in this Summer issue 2011, Alltombrollop!
There you can read all about it!

Unforgettable, I spent 3 days at this countryside wedding, Dalarna!

It´s friday, the day before the wedding, the wedding dress is finally ready!
David&Margot spent the morning at Radio Dalarna talking about his romantic proposal in Paris, Margot´s mother was crying by the radio.
Please listen to Kalle Moreaus while watching the photos:
Paste into a new window:

The family is gathering in mamas house.
Tomorrow it´s Margot´s birthday, and weddingday!

Se you all at the wedding tomorrow!

David and friend´s getting ready at Buskåkers Gästgiveri.

Waiting to see Margot for the first time..

Soon leaving for church..

Meanwhile upstair´s the cake is waiting..

Guess you wonder what everyone is laughing about…
It has to do whith an old taperecording, Margot was 3 and Sven.. was 5, and what they did in the “lekstuga”
Well, i was still laughing when i got to bed that night..


We where all invited to put a small tattoo in a chosen place..
Take a photo of it, and email the wedding couple.

Sunday brunch!


“secret” photos in a box.. it´s private.

3 days crasy wedding i Borlänge. Thank you for inviting me.
I will never forget you and your family!
Hope you will enjoy the Caribbeans. Big hug!!