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Postad den: November 30th, 2009 by kicki fotograf

Beauty is a form of genius!
(Oscar Wilde)

Margot`s wedding 2010!

Postad den: November 16th, 2009 by kicki fotograf

I am beginning to book for the season of 2010.
May 21-23th, 2010, i will photograph the wedding of Margot & David,
Stora Tuna churh, Frostbrunnsdalen, Dalarna.
It will be the first time for me to work in that region, and that feels very exating.
I am expecting beautiful traditional clothing, lovely details, as well as many familymembers and exiting friends from all over the world!

Japanese wedding in Sweden!

Postad den: November 12th, 2009 by kicki fotograf

Nobutaka & Miyuki travelled the world from Japan to Sweden to celebrate the most important day of their life. The wedding took place at Häringe castle a dark and beautiful tuesday in November. Next stop on their journey will be Lappland to see the Nothern light, and perhaps Santa Claus…

“When someone ask me of my work, i try to explain that there is no mystery involved, it is hard work. But things happen all the time, that are unexpected, uncontrolled, unexplainably, even magical. The work prepares you for that moment. Suddenly the clouds roll in and that soft light i was longing for appears.”

Nobutaka & Miyuki :
I whish you the very best for the future, and thank you so much for the beautiful gift.
How sweet of you!

Winterwedding Stockholm, Krägga Herrgård!

Postad den: November 2nd, 2009 by kicki fotograf

Beautiful beautiful Krägga Herrgård in Bålsta.
I am really looking forward to play there whith snow and ice soon.