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June 27th 2009, Anders&Anna!

Postad den: June 29th, 2009 by kicki fotograf

Hej Kicki,
Tack för helt fantastiska bilder Kicki!
Vi blev alldeles tårögda av att se dem och alla underbara minnen från vår dag kom tillbaka!
Du kan verkligen göra kärlek och känslor levande på bild!
Du är en sådan varm och härlig person Kicki! Tusen tack för att du ville vara vår bröllopsfotograf!

Kram Anna & Anders Gratte
27 juni 2009


Postad den: June 29th, 2009 by kicki fotograf

Erik&Jasmin, june 20th, Häringe Castle.

Umbrellas add to the charm of photography!

Postad den: June 22nd, 2009 by kicki fotograf

My attitude, and luckely enough the couple as well, -was to ignore the weather and have a good time!

We were really, really excited that you wanted to be our weddingphotographer!
We were tensed up and the rain was pouring down but still you succeded in shooting some fantastic pictures!
In a very proffessional way you made both of us and our kids “act” naturally in front of the camera!
With a unique vision your photos stand out!
You are a lovely personality and everyone who have met you knows what I mean.

Many thanks!
Petronella and Anders

Friday june 12th, at the castle!

Postad den: June 16th, 2009 by kicki fotograf

Ivan&Therese travelled to Stockholm last weekend.
They invited me to come and capture the day.

”With a sharp eye and a striking sense of beauty Kicki captured our day in
the most stunning and best possible way. Thanks to her refined and graceful
way of documenting every detail together with a new creative eye, every
memorable moment was beautifully captured in the most amazing light”.

Therese & Ivan Lukic

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