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Love Is In The Air

Bart said to me; I found you the same way that I found Wendy, on the internet.

Yesterday evening he proposed to Wendy in a cold and blue Stockholm.

Wendys day started with roses and a little note on her desk in Amsterdam.

She was picked up at Arlanda and driven to Hotel Marriot, she had just about time to change and put on some make-up before  a limousine took her to the location for the proposal.

She said yes!

After the proposal and photoshoot Wendy and Bart went for a candlelight dinner at Lilla Ego.

Today they got to see some of the photos, and Bart texted me:

Wow wow wow, cant wait to see the rest, beautiful!!!!

For me it was such a pleasure to be there and capture their love, I went home with a very warm feeling.

Evert Taube, Wendy&Bart

Evert Taube, Wendy&Bart

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proposal in Stockholm

proposal in Stockholm

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