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Postad den: July 4th, 2016 by kicki fotograf

Haomiao & Niklas hired me for their wedding in 2008 and returned last year to invest in my photo art. Just the other day they sent me some photos from their home in Westport and told me that they had hired Troy Fine Art Services to help them with the placing of my photo art that I had shipped to them in a big wooden cradle somewhat months earlier. I can now proudly present the result and I think it is magnificent.

My Stories Westport NYC

My Stories Westport NYC

IMG_0528_westport_photo_kicki_fotograf_art_photography_new_york_limited_edition IMG_0529_westport_photo_kicki_fotograf_art_photography_new_york_limited_edition IMG_0530_westport_photo_kicki_fotograf_art_photography_new_york_limited_edition IMG_0531_westport_photo_kicki_fotograf_art_photography_new_york_limited_edition

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