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The art of my photography

Postad den: October 5th, 2016 by kicki fotograf

Its summer at my country side home, I am relaxed wandering in the nature reserve there lie feathers from eagles scattered on the beach.

I start filling my pockets with them and I get a feeling of freedom as if I am a bird flying over the landscape. Images of eagles, indians, rituals of girls who are on the journey of life to become young women appear in my head. I got it!

The art of my photography

The art of my photography

_dsc6847-pr_kicki_fotograf_leica_portrait_art_photography_girls _dsc6852-pr_kicki_fotograf_leica_portrait_art_photography_girls _dsc6887-pr_kicki_fotograf_leica_portrait_art_photography_girls

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