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Custom made chopper “Jolly Jumper”

Postad den: June 1st, 2016 by kicki fotograf


It took two years in the making of this chopper says Johnny Martinsson the owner and custom bike builder of this beautiful craftsmanship.

We arrived at Häringe slott yesterday when the evening sun was at it’s fullest and let it’s beams shine on this magnificent masterpiece.

We later sat down and had a interesting conversation, I grew up with a father who was a car dealer so I have a natural passion for motors and this is what Johnny told me about his passion.

The process always starts with a picture in my head, I’ve never been good at drawing so it just pops up. The whole process takes a few months and then I know exactly what to do. To start with there are a couple of key elements to plan in; the motor, frame, wheel size and fork are the main components.

For this chopper I use a S&S Panhead 93″ motor one of the best you can get and a whole lot of other special customized parts that makes this chopper so special.

I want to be unique in my making I always want to take the process one step further in every detail I’m a perfectionist you see and its not often I’m satisfied but this time its near perfection.

A special thanks to: Håkan Lindberg, Gugge Rooth, Stefan Farnell, Ronna Noren at UCC

If you want to se his chopper in real life? You now have the opportunity on the 4th of June at Norrtälje custom bike show. 


Here comes Johnny!

_DSC1669_kicki_fotograf_haringe_slott_chopper_custom_made_bike_show_norrtalje_biker_jolly_juper_lucky_luke_nikon_leica_portra_pool_sissy_bar_sissybar_ _DSC1698_kicki_fotograf_haringe_slott_chopper_custom_made_bike_show_norrtalje_biker_jolly_juper_lucky_luke_nikon_leica_portra_pool_sissy_bar_sissybar_

Here comes johnny

Here comes Johnny !


Playful sensual wedding at Häringe Castle

Postad den: May 10th, 2016 by kicki fotograf

Love at first sight, Micke&Karin met each other and fell in love after one blind date. They are a playful and loving couple, they take care of every moment that life gives them to play, love and explore as you can tell in my photos.

Afternoon at Häringe Castle, the sun is shining, I see the champagne glasses in their hands. Loving glances, smiling faces, cigar smoke in the air, a dream come true.

Playful love

Playful love

Häringe-2 Häringe-3 Häringe-4 Häringe-5

summer baby!

Postad den: May 18th, 2014 by kicki fotograf

She is waiting her first child, a summer baby.

I did the photoshoot at Häringe palace yesterday.



Postad den: May 18th, 2014 by kicki fotograf

Violetta är en av mina återkommande kunder.

Igår lördag möttes vi på Häringe slott då jag tog nya portratt på henne bland appelblom.

Violetta enjoys appleblossom at Häringe palace.