kicki på Skansen

Photographer Stockholm. Hyde Park, Mr Noodle.

Postad den: November 15th, 2011 by kicki fotograf

We met last week in Hyde Park.
I noticed Oscar right away. Judy told me that her dog was 17 years old, totally blind, but he can smell you. When he gets to tired to walk, he is seated in the old stroller.
She was kind enough to let me capture him whith my leica camera.
I will send the images to her and Mr noodle , and show them on my blog as soon as I have developed them.

Yesterday I received a truly lovely email from Judy, this image was attached.
As an answer to my question if I can show the image on my blog, she says;
if you did NOT mention him on your blog he would definitely be offended! He has his own Twitter and Facebook too.

Photo: Judy

Have a lovely day Mr Noodle!